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Hat of many colors

Hat of many colors

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Indulge in our soft and luxurious hand-knit hats, perfect for any occasion. With a variety of vibrant colors to choose from, these durable hats will make a statement while still being easy to care for. Stay warm and stylish with our hand-knit hats in a rainbow of colors. Each hat is hand crafted with care for long-lasting wear.


Removable Pom poms

Machine wash gentle, or place in a pillow case for wash cycle.   Lay flat to dry

Remove Pom before washing.   Fluff Pom with hairdryer on low/no heat.


100% Acrylic


Sizes fit adults unless otherwise stated.

Care information

Hand washing is always best but they can be machine washed on gentle cycle, cool water, place them in a pillowcase or mesh washing bag. Lay flat to dry.

When you wash a hand knit hat the fibers relax so you need to shape the hat the way you want it to stay.

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